About us

At Global Resources, excellence isn’t a choice, it’s a habit. We’re a team of people passionate about what we do, so we’ll put our passion to bring the very best end-products for you. We work with you as a team. In sync with that, we negotiate with vendors to offer the best value proposition for you. Therefore, we can offer you more competitive prices than elsewhere.

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We are a leading buying house and sourcing solutions provider in India with a team of committed, experienced and skilled professionals. We help wholesalers, retailers and specialty stores source their desired products from India. The Indian market offers avenues like no other. We work with regional and big vendors whose expertise stems from years of tradition and excellence. With close working relationships with vendors from across the country, we bring for you the very best price and the most customised design possible. We work with clients across the globe. Some of them are based in the United States, the United kIngdom, France, Italy and Philippines. We’re a team of people passionate about what we do, and we bring this passion to our work with the clients to offer them the very best services.

The buying and inspectiong
agency with commitment

The Founder

Sanjay Khurana has been in this industry for the last 3 decades. He started Global Resources around 20 years ago and has worked with clients from all over the World. A father of two, he loves to travel. You can find him at almost every trade show scouting ideas for his clients and vendors. He’s passionate about his work and is well respected in this industry. He’s currently also working as the Treasurer at Buying Agents Association.